Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175

To celebrate its 175th anniversary Patek Philippe have recently unveiled a new collection of 10 limited edition commemorative pieces for both men and ladies. Here we take a look at the collection’s trumpcard and arguably already one of the most important timepieces in horological history. The Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 features its its patented mechanisms and a special innovative trick up its sleeve.


In intricate and secretive development since 2007, the star of the 175th commemorative collection, the Grandmaster Chime’s case is constructed from solid 18 karat rose gold dial plates for two separate dials and holds a grand total of 20 complications. Without question what will make this watch a staple in horological history is its swiveling case, which is simply unfathomable for a super-complication timepiece. There will be seven unique engraved models of this timepiece made, six will be going on sale to the general public and one will be situated at the Patek Philippe Museum.

The 20 complications at a glance:
1. Grande Sonnerie
2. Petite Sonnerie
3. Minute repeater
4. Strikework mode display (Silence/Grand Sonnerie/Petite Sonnerie)
5. Alarm with time strike
6. Date repeater
7. Movement power – reserve indicator
8. Strikework power – reserve indicator
9. Strikework isolator display
10. Second time zone
11. Second time zone day/night indicator
12. Instantaneous perpetual calendar
13. Day – of – week display
14. Month display
15. Date display (on both dials)
16. Leap year cycle
17. Four- digit year display
18. 24 – hour and minute subdial
19. Moon phase
20. Crown position indicator (RAH)



Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 by Patek Philippe. $2.6 million.

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