Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Minute Repeater

The Chopard L.U.C Full Strike is the first minute repeater ever made by Chopard, and they say it took them six years to develop it. Chopard’s high-end, in-house L.U.C division has grown to be one of the most impressive suppliers of beautifully finished, uniquely and thoughtfully engineered and, last but not least, useful-feature-laden timepieces. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Chopard Manufacture is launching its first minute repeater. Although the L.U.C Full Strike is innovative in a number of ways, in one essential way – its sound – it utterly outperforms.


an all new, 533-component, 60-hour power reserve, Geneva Seal-certified chiming watch, set inside an 18k “Fairmined” rose gold case. The case-back side of the movement features large plates with numerous curves, openings and negative spaces. The case measures an almost dress watch-like 42.5mm. in a numbered run of 20 pieces.

The gongs, the components that produce the sound, rather than being made of metal, are made of corundum. Sapphire, in other words. No one has ever achieved this before, and Chopard has patented the concept. So, it appears that sapphire not only produces a beautiful sound, it doesn’t break when repeatedly hit by a tiny steel hammer (which, you might be interested to know, is in the shape of a bell).

On paper this all seems very fine. But how does it transpose into real life? Well, it lives up to its promise. To the ear, the Full Strike is truly astonishing. The strike is very loud, very clear and very sustained. Each strike resonates unexpectedly in the air. All these qualities, extremely rare on their own but unheard-of in a single package, are the result of a second secret. The gongs are constructed in one piece with the watch crystal, carved from a single block of solid sapphire. The vibration initiated in the gong is transferred directly to the crystal, which vibrates just like the membrane of your hi-fi speakers.



Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Minute Repeater by Chopard.

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