Artist To Watch In 2017: High Tyde

Proof that age can sometimes just be a number and when you are ready the talent and hard work just shines through for all to see, which perfectly summarises indie band High Tyde to a T. Filled to the brim with unparalleled youthful energy and infectious catchy choruses by the bucketload, what really makes them truly stand out is their polished songwriting and production. Something you’d expect to hear from a group much older than they are, but as we have already mentioned – age can sometimes just be a number.

In 2016, we saw the boys from Brghton have a UK-wide headline tour, release a new EP and starts the groundwork on their long-awaited debut album. Hotly tipped and with much anticipation on their young shoulders, as long as they continue to keep things experimental and care-free, we have no doubt that they will match expectations moving forward at the very least.


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